Looking for a place for your child's birthday party? Why not make it a fun pool party with games and inflatable pool toys.

We hold parties on Saturdays and Sundays.

Pool party package includes:

2 hour party!
Private access to pool for up to 20 children (up to 10 more children can be added for an additional fee)
Party space decorated with colorful paper products
4 large cheese pizzas, juice drinks & water
Our hands-on staff organize play time and help serve pizza.
Lifeguard always on duty.
Fun inflatable pool toys.
A special gift for the birthday child!

Sample Party Breakdown:

Ask your guests to arrive a few minutes early to change into bathing suits.
Instructors fit children with life vests or assess their swimming ability before letting them enter the pool.
Then children have free play with inflatable rafts, tubes, ride-on animals, noddles, and diving toys.
Children dry off and head out of the pool for pizza!
Family may provide a cake, additional snacks or food items if preferred, and goodie bags.

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