At our indoor pool facility, Five Star Swim School offers a wide range of swimming classes from complete beginners to competitive athletes. Our infant classes start at an age as early as 6 months. Children of ages 2.5 to 15 are grouped by age categories and then separated into skill appropriate levels.


Year-round swim instructions.
Our swim classes are divided by age and skill level.(In total 24 options)
Small student to instructor ratio (Only 3:1)
We offer student evaluation for new and existing customers to make sure every student is in the correct level.
Classes range from infants to adults. (Classes vary by location)
Private and Semi-private lessons available.
Swim make-up's are available during the session.
Our programs are specialized with our own unique teaching style and methods.  Similar to American Red Cross style of Swim, we utilize repetition of drills and each class follows a routine that students get easily accustomed to.
We constantly improve our teaching techniques, staying up to date with all new swimming trends.
We do not use any flotation devices besides swimming equipment.  We introduce swim goggles as early as 2.5 year old.
We can teach special need students. (Classes vary by location)


We have lessons all year long.  You can join anytime.
Specific times are based on age and skill level.
Once you complete your trial class we will know which group you fall into and will be able to give you all the available lesson times.
All ages and skill levels generally have multiple times per day to choose from


Classes vary by location

Seahorse 6 months - 2.5 years 1-2
Guppies 2.5 years - 5 years 1-3
Dolphins 5 years - 8 years 1-5
Sharks 8 years - 12 years 1-5
Sea Lions 12 years - 15 years 1-5
Stroke Development N/A 5+


Our Mascot "Tickle"

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Tickle is the friendly starfish mascot of Five Star Swim School! Look for him around our facility and on our website !
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Tickle T Snap !

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